♠ The target of one common world society

There are very rich people who have everything money can buy. They need a goal for their remaining lifes. Making more money does not satisfy their minds anymore. This happens automatically by the system they have implemented anyway.

They think over, how to change the world, the way people live and should live. They see the historically tendency of unification of society to always larger entities. I assume, they want to speed up this evolutionary process of unification to one world with one society, with one set of rules.

Remove Nations

Their belive is that much of the turmoil and wars around the world is based on the fact that there are separated nations.

They believe, if they destroy all nations, that after a while, their will arise a new, better society like the phoenix from the ashes with their profound leadership.

Mixing races

Their belive is that much of the turmoil and wars around the world is also based on the fact that there are different races of which many believe to be superior over others and therefore have the right or even the duty to dominate others.

They belive, if they destroy nations that during the period of destabilisation and destruction, many people will flee to areas on earth where they believe to find a better life. This will produce in the long run a mixture of races which will distinguish all specific race attributes. A more general race will establish over time all over the world.

One Religion

Their belive is that much of the turmoil and wars around the world is based on the fact that there are different religions which all claim to own the true wisdom of live. Especialla because religous differences among people is always abused to bring the mass to fight the other non-believers by persons seeking power.

They either want to destroy the believe in a superior spirit in general or targeting for one final religion.

Their false understanding

Their problem is the same problem very many persons in history had, believing that they do really understand the world and human nature, but they dont.

I am certain, they feel themselfs as true philantropists in the best sense of the word. But they err evily. They will produce a great disaster around the world. We see the beginning already.

The process they have started would take centuries to finish if ever. During these dark days on earth, they distroy the infrastructur in all societies which assures that new generations have the chance to learn from their forefathers and bring this knowledge to a higher level of knowledge.

They plan to destroy all cultural achievements.

This constant development of knowledge in science and religion and the unification of both is the only chance to reach a level of consciousness in a society which is able to recognize that only a common worldwide effort in understanding each other can achieve this.

The understanding must be based on the understanding that evolution strictly requires large diversification of everything. Only unification of diversity brings a new great to existance.

The idea of making all equals is an evily idea. It is in contradiction to all universal laws of evolution. Those people must be removed from their control of their large money.

Perhaps, the unification of many people with the common goal to remove these people from power, could already be a step in direction towards a global self-responsible society.