Kazakh organisations form Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association Timelines: Geld-Bitcoin, Geld-Petro-Crypto

ASTANA – In the midst of the worldwide blockchain and cryptocurrencies craze, Kazakhstan has realised the relevancy of the trend like never before. In mid-November, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association applied for state registration as a legal entity to promote the technology’s ideas and draft legislation in the field.

“Our main goal is to prescribe the rules of the game in the blockchain market and cryptocurrency in Kazakhstan together with the regulator [the National Bank],” he said. “There are no companies operating in the blockchain market in Kazakhstan, but there are more companies that see the promise of technology for themselves,” he said.

“First, we must follow world trends. The Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has already been created and literally within a month they managed to achieve certain results. Belarus announced the imminent emergence of such an association. We believe the time has come to create such an association here to unite organisations and companies that work in the blockchain market or plan to work in the cryptocurrency markets,” he added.