North Korea’s Latest Escalation: A Deadly New Submarine Timelines: N-Korea

It’s not a missile launch or a nuclear test. But Kim Jong Un’s unveiling of a new submarine is the latest way North Korea appears to be pressuring the United States, as working-level nuclear talks struggle to get off the ground.

North Korean state media on Tuesday published pictures of Kim inspecting an imposing, newly built submarine, saying the vessel will soon be deployed in the waters off Korea’s east coast.

“[Kim] expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the submarine was designed and built to be capable of fully implementing the military strategic intention of the Party under various circumstances,” reported the official Korean Central News Agency.

Although the article didn’t say what kind of weapons the submarine would carry, the reference to “strategic” capabilities implied the vessel could handle nuclear-capable missiles for strategic deterrence purposes.

The new submarine is a reminder that North Korea continues to develop and diversify its weapons program, amid yet another delay in nuclear talks with the United States.

TDS: Please note the wording: If a sovereign country tries to defend itself, the US political hirelings talking about escalation. They only would accept submission.