Summary Timelines: Geld-Dollar-en

To understand the power of the US dollar, this rapid passage through european history should suffice. Similar activities were carried out by the US-MoneyMonarchy around the world. All later wars / unrest to this day (2018) fit into the presented scheme of conquests of the US MoneyMonarchy.

In all the conquests of US MoneyMonarchy, it can be observed that it uses a simple recipe for success.

The US MoneyMonarchy uses the ambition, the greed for power of powerful or power-hungry people in other nations to satisfy its own greed for power and profit. They manages this by:

  • due to corruption of powerful persons or persons with power ambitions.
  • by debt and over-indebtedness of states, organizations and individuals. They are made into helpless dependents to serve the interests of US MoneyMonarchy.
  • Through an ever larger and more powerful military and intelligence apparatus, which ensures that the US MoneyMonarchy can always recover its debt and threaten with it.
  • By financing all warring parties or parties to a conflict aiming to destabilizing nations is driven to the top.
  • Through its own global infrastructure of serving media to bring their own ideas about the conflict to the public.
  • Through a global infrastructure of organizations for covert operations, riots, murders, studies, and information gathering.
  • Through timely preparations, planning of their own public war entry / conflict entry at the optimal time guaranteeing optimal profit and minimum losses.
  • Strategic partnerships with other organizations or nations with similar interests will strengthen the empire.
  • The US economy and the position of power are secured by a continuous flow of orders from abroad and from the US government for the us arms industry.
  • Through blackmailing of nations and businesses with the power of the dollar and the embargo system.

Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela are still struggling not to subordinate their oil and gas reserves to the US MoneyMonarchy. This endangers the US Dollar as the leading international currency.

The US-Dollar as an international reserve currency, the global power of the FED and of the US MoneyMonarchy will only remain due to the power of the US military system or by the control of world’s economy.

For this reason, the United States is at war all over the world, or is setting up riots to gain control of the oil and natural gas sources all over the world. In doing so, they want to secure their defacto oil standard for the US dollar.

Those who have control over oil and natural gas also have control over its production volume and the price and therefore over the world economy.

It is not about curbing communist ideas, democracy or other human ideals.

Politics is always about power and control of the global economic system. This is designed for steady growth. Because the global growth of the offered goods does not grow strongly enough, financial products were invented that are traded only within the financial industry.

Why don’t the powerful people of the world try fair trade, fair share and win-win business? This is also part of human nature!

The global financial industry has been freed from all barriers by western politics. It has largely decoupled from the real economy.

Every major player in the financial industry is trying to invent financial products that it can attract other financial institutions, thereby increasing its profits and perhaps pushing others out of the market.

A major crash in the world economy is expected by all financial experts. The question is only when? “The little man” will pay the bill again.