The class enemy communism is establishing Timelines: Geld-Dollar-en

At the beginning of the reign of Bolsheviks in Russia, a stock exchange was established with the help of western money and its advisers, and oil production was expanded.

In the course of further development, however, private ownership of the means of production was abolished, the majority of large enterprises nationalized, the banking system nationalized and the government’s monopoly on foreign Trade established.

With this policy, Russia and later the Soviet Union became the declared class enemy. This policy made it impossible for the US MoneyMonarchy to earn large amounts of the huge natural resources of Russia.

This is the cause of the United States ongoing ideological war of information against communism, which culminated in the persecution of Communists.

However, the US MoneyMonarchy always finds a way to profit even from unwanted developments. Communism and the Soviet Union and their allies have been condemned and declared as evil and the number one enemy of the state against which one must protect itself.

This allowed the US MoneyMonarchy, with support of public, the construction of the huge US military machinerie, which made it the world power number one.

The income of the US MoneyMonarchy due to the inexhaustible need for war equipment is huge. Millions of americans work for their wealth.