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July 2018:

Steve Bannon is joining the “the Movement – Le Mouvement” of Michael Modrikamen. He brings the tools of Cambridge Analytica and the data illegally received from Facebook about the behaviour and believes of millions of people.

Jan. 2017:

Shortly after trump’s victory in the election and even before his inauguration, Modrikamen founded On 6. A Non-Profit organization was established in Brussels on 27 January 2017. He called it “the Movement – Le Mouvement”. Co-founders are his wife Yasmine Dehaene and Laure Ferrari, a close Friend of Nigel Farage, the Chairman of the right-wing Ukip from great Britain, who also understands well with us President Trump.

Politically, he calls to limit Immigration and a Zero-tolerance policy of justice. For him, an Alliance with more successful right-wing parties could be a Chance to become more successful. He describes the election of Trumps as the birth of a right-wing European collection movement for the upcoming European election.

More than a year later, an employee of Nigel Farage called Modrikamen. He said: Steve Bannon wanted to meet him. In London.

Modrikamen: Bannon brings the “tools”

15. July sat Modrikamen and Bannon then in a London Hotel for lunch together. Two hours they talked about goals, means and possibilities of a right movement, told the Belgian “it fit,” he says. They would have identified common objectives for the right-wing parties in Europe. “Although we have many differences, what unites us is the fight against radical Islam, a limitation of Migration and the use of borders.”

In the founding document of “the Movement”, the the defence of Israel is also mentioned. “We are a conservative, liberal, populist grass-roots movement,” he says. The movement is not racist.

He and Bannon have relations with various right-wing parties in Europe. They are particularly close to Nigel Farage from the Ukip party who fought for the Brexit. But even after Germany there are already contacts, namely to AfD, to Beatrix von Storch and the party leader Jörg Meuthen. However, official requests to parties had not yet been received.

Steve Bannon, former Advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, brought the “tools” with him, says Modrikamen. This includes analysis Tools and experience from the us presidential campaign for Trump. The 52-year-old founder of “the Movement” does not want to reveal more. As far as financing is concerned, Modrikamen is particularly single-syllable. He mainly entrusts here Bannon’s American network of donors, who also want to press right in Europe.

– – –

Steve Bannon was former vicepresident of Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica was shut down on May 1. 2018, because MoneyMonarchy cut support.

I am certain that Steve Bannon still has access to the tools of Cambridge Analytica and access to the date received from Facebook.

This could help to put a strategy together, how to impact the european election in May 2019.

At least everyone on the right wing side will believe this and will cooperate with Steve Bannon.

I think Steve Bannon is a CapitalSoldier of MoneyMonarchy. President Trump is not.