The possible future Timelines: N-Ukraine, N-Ukraine-takeover

MoneyMonarchy wants to gain control over the whole Ukraine and Russia does not want them to get control. As long as the status quo is kept, Ukraine will have a hard time to make any contract to join European Union or the NATO.

MoneyMonarchy seems to sit in the drivers seat and Russia plays more or less the reactive part in that conflict.

Next level of escalation

It looks to me that MoneyMonarchy is currently trying to bring the ultra right sections of Ukraine in power. Those people are more eysily brought to fight for the goal ” Ukraine for the Ukrainiens”.

The right wings should fight the russian occupiers in east Ukraine instead of MoneyMonarchy’s mercanaries. This will bring the international public against Russia, in a long run.

MoneyMonarchy will utilize the current tendency to nationalism in Europe. They will support the ultra right sections in each country to ensure separation of Russia and Europe and to further enforce MoneyMonarchy’s direct influence in Europe.

Further critical developments

The establishments of the Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) in Europe by NATO and USA will make an atomic first strike for MoneyMonarchy more likely.

Russia will act to this thread. I am concerned.