The second world war Timelines: Geld-Dollar-en

It is always stated the invasion of the German Wehrmacht in Poland is the beginning of the second world war. The second world war began when the german and western capital supported Hitler financially, because they assumed that he will pull against the Soviet Union and that in case of war there is always a lot of money to earn.

A lot of war material is produced and very high loans are needed.

Britain and the United States were already looking forward to the great deal with the war between Germany and the Soviet Union.

24. Aug. In 1939 Germany and the Soviet Union divided Poland, Finland and the Baltic States into their respective spheres of interest and even agreed economic relations (Oil, raw materials) with each other.

The shock for Wallstreet and the City of London was great. After the Invasion of Poland, the fear was enormous in France and Great Britain that Germany was moving towards the west?

What to do?

After the demand from London and Paris to withdraw the troops from Poland and Germany refused to do so, they declared Germany the war.

After France had been defeated by Germany and the air war with England was underway, it was for the UK to foresee that their position without external supplies was hopeless in the long run, they needed help.

The US MoneyMonarchy again saw a great business opportunity. With the help of the US political leaders, they took action.

In February 1941, the U.S. Congress passed the

In addition to food, it allowed US corporations to supply war material up to aircraft to the UK and the Common Wealth – with subsequent payment. So a war Loan, which was not so called only for the public.

The USA despite their purported neutrality, deserved good at the war with the Germans.

When the megalomaniac Hitler and the Operation Barbarossa also wanted to subjugate the Soviet Union, it came for the US MoneyMonarchy even better.

They extended the Lend-Lease Act to the Soviet Union. The supply of nearly 500,000 Jeeps and Trucks, 10,000 fighter planes, four thousand bombers and more than 7000 tanks, which were pre-financed by US banks, has spilled billions into the accounts of the US MoneyMonarchy.

It was only when it looked as if Germany could even win this fight, USA changed their strategy:

14. Aug. In 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt, the then heads of government of the United States, and Winston S. Churchill, the United Kingdom, adopted common principles of their international policies in the Atlantic Charter.

The US had already developed its forces well and prepared for the war in advance to intervene at the appropriate moment, when a victory is most likely for them and taking into account the war in the Pacific is most useful.

The second world war officially ended with the drops of the two atomic bombs on Hierochima and Nakasaki. They were not decisive in the war, but the USA wanted to give a “statement” of power.

The great loser was the Soviet Union with over 27 million war deaths.

The USA was the biggest winner with only 400,000 dead soldiers. With huge spoils of war from Germany. The huge demand for military equipment and money in the years 1942 – 1945, made the USA a world power.

Without the money from the US, there would probably never have been the second world war.