USA declares war on Germany Timelines: Geld-Dollar-en

In Russia, tsarist rule came to an end, which gave Germany the opportunity to transfer the forces in the east to the western front. The USA accepted that Germany could win the war.

The US MoneyMonarchy had granted loans to the United Kingdom alone in the amount of $ 2.3 billion, which was eighty times as much as to Germany.

If Germany had emerged as the winner, not only the loans of the US MoneyMonarchy to the United Kingdom, but also their loans to France, Russia and Italy would have been lost.

This was the main reason for USA entering the first world war. The loans granted should yield maximum profit. In addition, domestic industry would also benefit from a further upswing through further war production, which, of course, must be financed.

The financial pact between the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve’s (FED) MoneryMonarchy showed its highly efficient division of labor. The FED organises the money.

The political elite ensures the framework conditions for MoneyMonarchy. The government took over the activities to convince the american public about the necessity of war entry. On 13.On April 19, 1917, they launched the “Committee on Public Information” (CPI) to bring the public to war mood.