♠ Diebe im Gesetz

In North America alone, there are now thirty Russian crime syndicates operating in at least seventeen U.S. cities, most notably New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver.

The Russians have already pulled off the largest jewelry heist and insurance and Medicare frauds in American history, with a net haul exceeding $1 billion.

They have invaded North America’s financial markets, orchestrating complex stock scams, allegedly laundering billions of dollars through the Bank of New York, and coolly infiltrating the business and real estate worlds.

The Russian mob has even penetrated the National Hockey League, where many players have either been its victims or become Mafiya facilitators, helping the mob sink its roots further into American soil. There is even fear that NHL games may be fixed.

“The Russians didn’t come here to enjoy the American dream,” New York State tax agent Roger Berger says glumly. “They came here to steal it.”

Introduction: The Superpower of Crime


1: The Hit Man
2: The Little Don
3: Brighton Beach Goodfellas
4: Operation Red Daisy
5: Red Tide
6: Invasion of America
7: Tarzan


8: Power Play
9: The Money Plane
10: The World’s Most Dangerous Gangster
11: Global Conquest

Postscripts: God Bless America

Die verschiedenen kriminellen russischen Organisationen unterwerfen sich alle dem Kodex der Diebe im Gesetz. Siehe obiges Buch als PDF von Robert I. Friedman und das Video von Phoenix: