Monroe Doktrin updated by W. Wilson Timelines: Weltkrieg-I

Thus, after sixteen months, President Wilson ‘s foreign
policy as pertaining to Central and South America was
clearly before the people, and briefly stated it is as
1. To treat the Latin- American States as friends and
as equals.
2. To respect and encourage constitutional government in the Americas.
3. To acquire no new territory by conquest.
4. To give no aid to American business operating in
foreign countries in a way that would be illegal at home.
5. To give no aid or encouragement to revolutionists
who seek to seize the reins of government for their own

President Wilson adhered to this policy until the
European war broke on the world, and then events
shaped themselves so rapidly that a New Pan-Americanism with its roots in these policies grew rapidly. An
understanding of those policies is necessary to a sympathetic attitude toward the President’s Mexican policy
which is an outgrowth of this larger Pan-American